Heartfelt Messages from Longwood Students to Their Parents

It’s February 14, and it’s a Thursday, so chances are your students won’t be wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day in person.

But take heart! (I know, but I couldn’t resist.) There’s a small chance your son or daughter is one of the Longwood students that I asked to write Valentine’s Day notes to their parents.

I prompted them to write about something good that happened to them recently.  So even if your student isn’t included in this post, I hope you can enjoy the happy events mentioned below and think that your student is probably having similar good experiences this month.

The smiling faces below made me smile. I hope they have the same effect on you.

—Sabrina Brown

Shiann, freshman, environmental science major
Dear Mom and Dad,
My environmental science professor helped me get a bit more informed about college writing and different assignments. She also introduced me to my advisor.
Love you guys!

Jamyl, freshman, business major
Dear Mom and Dad,
I’ve been getting involved in many different clubs and organizations to meet new people at school.
Love y’all!

Madison, freshman, business major
Dear Mom,
I got an A on my first exam of the semester!
Love you!

Zachary, freshman, political science major
Dear Mom and Dad,
I was able to share my faith with someone and make a new friend.
Miss you!

Aaqila, junior, psychology major
Dear Mom and Dad,
I got my fifth 100% in one of my classes, keeping me at a perfect grade. Also, I gave my first candidate tour, and it was amazing.
Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you both! Thanks for all that you do. I miss you guys. See you soon.

Nicola, junior, social work major

Dear Mom and Dad,
I got an A+ on my first social work paper of the semester!

Rian, freshman, biology major

Dear Dad,
I had a really exciting biology lab, and we added two new species to the Longwood Bioblitz. And I get my big in my sorority today!
Love you!

Matthew, sophomore, communication studies/political science major

Dear Mom and Dad,
I got my first A on a test.
Happy V-Day!

Ashley, freshman, liberal studies major

Dear Mom and Dad,
I got a B on my first English test!
Happy Valentine’s Day! I love y’all!

Siara, junior, communication studies major

Dear Mom and Dad,
I did an interview with Lancer Link, I applied to more internships and I put in my desk assistant (DA) application.
Thanks for the love and support!

Christopher, junior, business major

Dear Mom and Dad,
I got invited to attend a regional Ambassador Leadership conference in Richmond—and they’re paying for me to go!
I love you both and my animals!

Libbie, freshman, information systems and cyber security major

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week I had so much fun playing in an intramural basketball game—and I ended up scoring!
Love you!

Liam, junior, political science major

Dear Mom,
I got an A on an exam that I thought I’d failed.
Happy Valentine’s Day!