Answering your Covid-19 questions for this fall

You may be wondering how Covid-19 will impact your student’s experience at Longwood this fall.

The university has updated its guidelines for students, faculty and staff, and visitors, and you should be able to find the answers to your questions here. This information has also should have been emailed to all students who are expected to attend Longwood this fall. If your student didn’t receive it, they can let us know by emailing

Below are a few highlights that may be of particular interest to parents. If you still have questions after reviewing the available information, just send them to


Classes and Academic Issues
Longwood will offer a full slate of in-person classes this fall. Longwood typically offers very few online-only classes. Going forward, the university will not make accommodations for students to attend scheduled in-person classes remotely.

Students who are quarantining due to a positive Covid-19 test (see next paragraph) are responsible for informing their professors and making a plan to join classes remotely or to make up missed work. They also should  let the Care Team know when they test positive by emailing

Students who test positive for Covid-19 should follow current CDC guidance and quarantine for 5 days. There will not be dedicated isolation space on campus. Students will be expected to isolate at home or in their rooms, and we’ll work with students who have extenuating circumstances or who require additional support.

Masks/Face Coverings
Students who are returning to campus/class after the 5-day Covid-19 quarantine period need to wear a face covering for an additional 5 days when around others.

For everyone else, including visitors to campus, masks are optionalboth inside buildings and outside. Of course, everyone is welcome to wear a mask if they choose, and members of the Longwood community are expected to be respectful of others’ decisions about wearing a face covering.

According to state guidelines, Virginia public universities cannot require that students be vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to enroll. However, we strongly encourage all students who can safely receive the vaccine to do so. If the University Health Center has vaccines available, students can make an appointment by calling 434-395-2102 and receive a vaccine there.

Covid-19 vaccinations also normally are available locally at
Walmart (general immunization information)
Farmville Walmart pharmacy

Covid-19 Testing
The University Health Center can provide Covid-19 testing. Your student can make an appointment by calling 434-395-2102.

Financial Impact of Covid-19 on Your Family
Longwood understands that some family finances have been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. If that is the case for your family, we want to work with you. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at or 434-395-2077 to request a Change of Income form to reflect your current financial situation.

—Sabrina Brown