End-of-Year Thoughts and Move-out Tips

The longer I work in higher education, the faster the years seem to go by. I keep looking at the calendar and wondering how it’s already the end of the academic year.

I sincerely hope this year has been productive, enlightening and fun for your student. I have worked for several universities, and I can honestly say that Longwood students are special. They are friendly, caring, unpretentious, talented and hard-working. In short, they are a joy to be around. What I often say is that Longwood students were raised right. You have good reason to be proud.

And special congratulations to those of you whose students will be graduating in May! The undergraduate ceremony is set for Saturday, May 20.

I hope the information below will make the moving-out process a little easier for those of you whose students live in Longwood-managed housing.

Moving Out

Residence halls close at noon on Saturday, May 6.
Except for the groups mentioned below, all students must depart their residences within 24 hours of the conclusion of their last spring 2023 exams or by noon on Saturday, May 6, whichever comes first.

The following students may remain on campus after noon on May 6*:
Graduating seniors**
Graduating master’s degree students who live in the residence halls**
Students approved to assist with Commencement**
Apartment residents participating in 12-month housing
Students working with select faculty- or staff-sponsored department activities (for example, some athletes and students working with Brock Experiences)
*Students who believe they should receive special approval to remain in Longwood-managed housing after noon May 6 should contact their coach or the appropriate faculty member for approval information.
**Students participating in Commencement must depart campus no later than 4 p.m. Saturday, May 20.

Helpful Hints

—Do not drive or park on the grass.
—Do not park in the nearby lots for private businesses. These lots are TOW-AWAY ZONES at all times, including weekends.
Farmville Area Bus (FAB) service ends at 6 p.m. Friday, May 5.
—Residents are encouraged to consider donating items—especially those they might otherwise throw away—to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, FACES Food Pantry, Southside SPCA or a local clothes closet.Collection boxes are available in Moss and Johns halls, Lancer Park and other locations. For more information, contact steelecl@longwood.edu.

Checkout Process 

Remove all belongings. Residents must remove all personal items from their assigned space or any other areas of their unit before departing campus.
Abandoned property. Personal items still in a unit after a resident has checked out OR left in an unauthorized area of a unit will be considered abandoned and are subject to disposal and financial charges. Residents should be sure to double-check their unit and remove all personal items prior to departing campus.
Using checkout envelopes and drop box (available for all residence halls and apartment communities).
—Envelopes are available at each service desk.
—Fill out the envelope.
—Place key(s) inside envelope.
—Place the envelope in the drop box. For residence halls, the drop box is in the vicinity of the front desk. For Lancer Park, there is an exterior mounted box close to the Brown Commons front service desk. In the Landings, each ground floor elevator lobby area has a wall-mounted box.

Departure Expectations

Prior to leaving campus, all residents must complete the tasks below. Units will be inspected to ensure compliance. Failure to comply may result in judicial sanctions and/or financial charges.
Departure Checklist
—Remove all trash and perishable food.
—Thoroughly clean the unit, including the bathroom and common spaces.
—Remove all personal items (medication, electronic devices, eyeglasses, wallet, etc.).
—Turn off all lights.
—Close and lock all windows.
—Lower all window blinds/shades.
—Lock all doors.

Information for Residents of Moss and Johns Halls

Loading zone access on the South Main Street side of Moss and Johns halls will be closed from Wednesday, May 3, through Saturday, May 6.
—In order to access Spruce Street, enter Wynne Drive to Pine Street and turn onto the sidewalk in front of the Fitness Center.
Spruce Street and Redford Streetwill be open for exit only (one-way traffic) onto South Main Street from Thursday, May 4, through Saturday, May 6. Do not enter campus at Redford Street from South Main Street.
U-turns will be permitted on Spruce Street, if/when the construction gates are closed.

—Sabrina Brown